Megan Ronayne

Doctoral Researcher / Project Assistant : Megan Ronayne

Megan is a doctoral researcher in the department of management at the University of Birmingham Business School. Her research interests are within the discipline of economic geography and her research is exploring the evolution, innovation and competitiveness of UK textile manufacturers. Her research has involved working closely with the UK textile industry and interviewing in depth over forty manufacturing firms.

Megan believes collaboration is important between academics and non-academic representatives. During her PhD Megan has organised and delivered two national research conferences, which have attempted to connect academic research with the wider community it serves to achieve impact.

To engage and inform her research at the beginning of the PhD, Megan undertook a three-month industry placement with NWtexnet (April to July 2012). During her placement, Megan had the opportunity to understand the significant role NWtexnet plays in driving business transformation through current and future developments in innovative service and training provision.

Megan has continued to be part of the NWtexnet team as a Project Assistant. This has involved assisting NWtexnet in the development and operation of European Projects. Megan has been closely involved in the 2BFUNTEX project, which aims to boost industrial uptake of functional textile innovations from research institutions.

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