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Roger Warburton

NWtexnet Associate : Roger Warburton PhD, PMP, Associate Professor

Roger Warburton was born in Cardiff but lost the Welsh accent some time ago! Roger studied astrophysics Sussex University and then won a scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania (one of the ‘Ivy League’ universities).  He told his family and friends that he would be back permanently from America when he stopped having fun.

After university, Roger worked for Raytheon as a Computer Systems manager in its Advanced Technology section. He moved on from Raytheon to become vice president of Jaycor’s Software Technology division, during which time he directed a study of potential cheating methods for the chemical weapons convention based in Geneva.

The obvious next career move after this was to go and work in textiles, so he joined the performance wear business Griffin Manufacturing, originally on a consultancy basis and later as a full time director.

His work at Griffin nearly came to an abrupt end when its major customer announced it was transferring its orders to a factory in Honduras. Roger and his team countered this threat by developing a strategy of ‘balanced sourcing’.

During his time at Griffin, he also worked as team leader on several United States government funded ‘national textile center’ projects related to a balanced sourcing and putting forward the arguments in favour of the competitiveness of domestic manufacturing. The executive summary of one of these projects begins ‘the loss of manufacturing jobs is not inevitable – there are cost effective survival strategies for manufacturers in high wage countries’.

Some of his work at Griffin involved working with customers to ensure new products were delivered on time and within budget, hence his expertise in the area of new product development.

Roger joined Boston University as associate professor in the administrative sciences department in 2005, and, in addition to his work in Boston, has been working with NWtexnet on several projects related to new product development and balanced sourcing since 2008.

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