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Textile Growth Programme Grant Funding FAQ’s

  1. What is the Textiles Growth Programme? The Textiles Growth Programme (TGP) is a programme focused on creating and safeguarding jobs through a grant funded scheme – supporting capital projects, skills training and research and development in the textile industry.
  2. Who is providing the money? TGP is part of the Government’s sixth Regional Growth Fund scheme. The accountable body for the programme is the Economic Solutions Ltd delivered via the Greater Manchester Business Growth Hub.
  3. So, in that case, is the grant only available in Manchester? No. The TGP covers the whole of England (except Greater London). The current scheme follows on from a successful earlier project in the North West of England.
  4.  What level of grant is available? The grant funding level depends on strength of  individual case. The programme as a whole needs to deliver a ratio of £4.50 of ‘private sector leverage’ for every £1 of grant paid, so the overall grant rate is  around 18%, but some flexibility is possible to pay a higher rate for exceptional applications. NWTexnet has an excellent track record in making a strong case for grant in all the applications we assist with.
  5. Is the application process difficult or expensive? No. After an initial meeting with a TGP advisor to assess if your project is a good fit for the scheme, the TGP appoints a consultant to work with you on your application. The consultant is paid for by the programme.
  6. Does the application process take a long time? Again, the answer to this is no. A panel made up of volunteer industry experts and TGP staff meets once a month to review applications. The panel must receive your application around 3 weeks before they meet. Most decisions are made on the day of the review meeting.
  7. I’m not sure if I want to go ahead just yet. How long do I have to apply for funding? The programme will run until May 2017 – but applications are dealt with on a ‘first come first served’ basis. If the scheme is over-subscribed then later applicants may miss out.
  8. What are my chances of success? This depends on the strength of your case and how well this is presented in the written application. NWTexnet has helped clients with over 20 applications and has a 95% success rate. The total support we have helped to obtain for the industry to date is approaching £2 million.
  9. How do I start the process? Contact Steve Kay on 0795 833 8969 or email steve.kay@nwtexnet.co.uk