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Advanced material solutions for a better world

Advanced flexible materials are fast replacing traditional materials in many manufacturing sectors. Benefits include reduced weight for transport applications, increased safety in Personal Protective Equipment, and more efficient filtration for the chemical industry.

They also have major innovation potential, enabling the creation of completely new products with ‘designed in’ characteristics which could be difficult or impossible to achieve using traditional materials.

In short, advanced flexible materials have few boundaries when it comes to developing improved or innovative products. To take just a few examples:

Woven Airbag

The one-piece woven airbag, developed by one of our members, has greatly improved performance and saved lives of many road users;

Antimicrobial PPE fabrics

A consortium led by NW Texnet developed novel antimicrobial PPE fabrics for the healthcare sector;

The 3D LightTrans EU research project

The 3D LightTrans EU research project, of which NW Texnet was a partner, won an Innovation Award at the prestigious JEC trade fair for technical excellence, quality of the partnership, market potential, and originality;


Advanced flexible materials – in the form of PPE – are a major component in the fight against pandemics.

Given the UK’s long history of innovation in textile technology, UK companies and research teams were always going to be at the forefront of advanced flexible materials development.

As most of these organisations were SMEs it made sense to create a means to help them punch above their weight both individually and collectively. Demand grew for a membership organisation to act as an information and networking hub, as a global promoter of UK expertise, and as a provider of support resources in key areas such as funding, training and R&D project advice.

NW Texnet was formed in 1999 to do all those things. It was incorporated in 2001 and is now recognised throughout the world as the lead body for the UK advanced flexible textiles industry.

As the advanced flexible textiles market grew, there was logic in growing closer to the British Textile Machinery Association (BTMA). In 2019 NW Texnet formally became part of the BTMA group, retaining its name but with the resources of both organisations shared to the greater advantage of all members.

“Advanced flexible materials is a sector full of talent, full of surprises and full of potential. It’s UK industry at its best and NW Texnet is proud to support it and promote its achievements at every opportunity.”

Steve Kay, Managing Director, NW Texnet

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