Anglo recycling developing advanced ‘growfelt’

Anglo recycling developing advanced ‘growfelt’

For some time, NW Texnet member company Anglo Recycling has been selling felt growing medium -manufactured in Lancashire -all over the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Far East.

The company has reacted to thegrowing demand for fresh herbs to be made closer and closer to the final market place. Improved LED lighting technology has allowed the development of warehouse farms to grow herbs intensively in cities. One of Anglo’s customers is currently growing herbson their matting in disused stations on the London Underground!

Another trend in this novel sector concerns landfill costs. These are rapidly increasing, which means that growers are looking at ways to compost their growing mat after use rather than (as now) sending to landfill, which is a poor environmental solution and increasingly expensive for growers. Anglo have found a biodegradable waste stream that provides a good growing medium but as yet the “scrim” on which the mat is made is of materials that either will not biodegrade or are too expensive.

Anglo approached NW Texnet, and we were able to organise a grant that has allowed the business to modify some of their production machinery to process the biodegradable fibre without the need for a scrim -and still give a roll of fibre that the growers can handle


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