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We’re a great network with great opportunities and a VERY low membership cost!

The arguments for joining the 120-plus organisations who are already members of NW Texnet are compelling.

In the past few years NW Texnet has helped member organisations to secure:

Over £1.5m in R&D funding through the European Seventh Framework Programme.

Around £2m of capital investment grants via the EU Alliance Project.

Over £500,000 in training grants from funders including Skills for Enterprise, Women and Work, and Advanced Skills for advanced technology manufacturing.

Throughout Europe and the world, NW Texnet is recognised as the first point of access to UK expertise in advanced flexible materials. For example, NW Texnet is increasingly asked to source partners for advanced R&D in the automotive and aerospace sectors. NW Texnet’s global partners include multinationals such as Fiat, Bentley Motors and Nike, and sector-leading UK companies Autoliv, Panaz, Amann and Sigmatex.

For the time being, annual membership costs only £75. For this very low fee, NW Texnet services include:

Help to bid for funding – for example, from the Textile Growth Programme (TGP).

Access to tailored training and development programmes delivered by industry experts.

At least three networking meetings per year with other members and industry experts.

Opportunities to take part in R&D projects via NW Texnet’s partners in Europe.

Discounted entry to key textiles and cross sector events.

If you’re not already a member, please join NW Texnet! We hope the benefits speak for themselves – but feel free to call us with any enquiry – and bigger we are, the more we can do for the UK advanced flexible textiles sector.

“We joined NW Texnet like a shot. You just figure out what it might cost to do all that stuff on your own. It’s one of those rare situations where you can’t help but win.”

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NW Texnet has a wealth of experience in advanced flexible materials, let’s discuss how we can help your business benefit in manufacturing, partnerships and networking.


Need grant funding for Research & Development?

NW Texnet has helped secure over £1,300,000 in funding for R&D support for UK business. Please get in touch and discover how we can help your business.