NW Texnet members taking up the Covid-19 challenge

NW Texnet members taking up the Covid-19 challenge

Several NW Texnet members and partners have responded to the Government’s appeal to produce PPE and ventilators to tackle Covid-19. This is, of course, extremely important work and we are delighted that members are stepping up to the plate.

Here is some of the work that our members and partners have done on behalf of the nation:

Development of an innovative woven gown

Furnishing fabrics re-purposed –after successfully being tested against Coronavirus –for use as PPE

AMRC and Bindatex joined the ‘ventilator challenge’. Policy Board member Chris Lever was featured on national news

Manchester Metropolitan University’s clothing faculty used its 3D printer to make visors and also developed medical scrubs which are being manufactured by PSPI


Further news articles:

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