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In such a rapidly evolving technology area as advanced flexible textiles, businesses need access to the right training delivered by the right people in the right time frame.

High quality training is an imperative because enterprises already dependent on specific technical skills need a reliable and timely supply of those skills in order to grow sustainably.

NW Texnet is an expert provider of training,  and much of its expertise stems from its continuous involvement in R&D projects. In a virtuous circle, enhanced skills and knowhow acquired directly from R&D are rapidly embedded in training programmes that can justifiably be called world class.

For example, NW Texnet recently contributed to the design and development of product development and technical units for a Higher Level 4 Apprenticeship. Other units have been designed for the technical textiles  sector.

In addition, strategic partnerships with the Textile Institute, Nottingham Trent University, University of Bolton and the University of Galway help keep our training material current and relevant.

If your organisation wants to improve its skills base, becoming a member of NW Texnet for access to tailored training programmes is a great way to start!

Join NW Texnet now [LINK], for only £475 annually, or call us with any enquiry about training and apprenticeships.

“Skills training and growth are inextricably linked, but our expertise isn’t in training. Letting NW Texnet take care of all that was one of our best ever decisions.”

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Curious About Textiles

Advanced Skills for Advanced Materials (ASAM)


Curious About Textiles

Advanced Skills for Advanced Materials (ASAM)


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