Curious About Textiles – Advanced Skills for Advanced Materials (ASAM)

Advanced Skills for Advanced Materials (ASAM)

A number of our members have requested entry-level textile technology training. In response to this, we created ‘Curious About Textiles’ – a training course for employees looking to improve their technology awareness. An interactive platform makes it easy for everyone on the course to learn from sector experts.

Following the success of the course, Curious About Textiles has become a model that can be adapted to meet the specific requirements of many other companies.

NW Texnet helped member company Panaz to improve its new product development

(NPD) process. It worked with the Panaz team to put in place a system that ensures prioritisation of the NPD projects with the best chance of success.

Panaz is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of high quality decorative fabrics and wallcoverings for the hospitality, healthcare and corporate sectors. It focuses on design excellence and differentiation through technical innovation, resulting in a diverse and comprehensive range of exclusive and durable fire retardant furnishing fabrics.

In 2008, NW Texnet developed a training course – Advanced Skills for Advanced Materials (ASAM) – which focussed on giving companies a set of tools and techniques to improve their new product development processes.

Panaz was one of the first companies to receive the original ASAM training but over time its NPD portfolio increased in size and complexity. Panaz CEO Tony Attard felt that new product launches were too often late, and that some of the cohesion that the initial training had brought about was lacking. This was an excellent opportunity for NW Texnet to try out its new ‘Dynamic Portfolio Management’ material, an upgrade to the original ASAM programme. The training took place over two days with follow-up coaching to fully embed the material in the business.

“The new ASAM programme caused me to completely re-think how we approach new product development.”

Tony Attard, CEO, ASAM

We have been training New Product Development Portfolio Management and Balanced Sourcing for over a decade to learners in companies and students in classes on two continents. Our clients say:

We have improved product success rates and time to product launch is down.

We have better communication between marketing and manufacturing.

The number of products that exceed sales and profit targets has risen.

“We have added significant value to the business over the past two years with a growth in new product ranges, a growth of 30% per year on custom projects, and re-engineering, re-sourcing and innovation that deliver improved cost and performance.”

Mike Gibbins, Supply Chain Manager, Panaz

The ASAM programme is now the subject of a new book ‘Dynamic Portfolio Management’ available here

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