What we do

The North West Textiles Network – NW Texnet – is an internationally recognised hub for UK advanced flexible materials expertise

NW Texnet supports UK enterprises engaged in advanced flexible materials engineering, design, production and research and development.

We are based in the North West of England, which is recognized as one of the major concentrations of advanced flexible materials in the world.

NW Texnet is now part of the British Textile Machinery Association group. This enables us to offer an even wider range of support and benefits our members.

NW Texnet acts as:

An information hub to ensure that members are continuously aware of funding, R&D and other opportunities;

A ‘strength in numbers’ networking hub to share best practice and to encourage and support collaborative initiatives.;

An expert partner in the design and delivery of training and apprenticeship programmes;

An expert partner in the planning and implementation of R&D and innovation projects;

An expert partner in the writing and submission of bids for grant funding;

A single contact point for non-UK enquiries about UK advanced flexible materials expertise;

A tireless global promoter – alongside the British Textile Machinery Association – of UK expertise in advanced flexible materials.

“If NW Texnet didn’t exist, somebody would have to invent it. It makes total sense for those involved in similar technologies to share resources they’d struggle to provide for themselves.”

Does your business or organisation has an active interest in advanced flexible materials? Membership of NW Texnet will help secure your place in the future of textiles.


Find out how we can help your business

NW Texnet has a wealth of experience in advanced flexible materials, let’s discuss how we can help your business benefit in manufacturing, partnerships and networking.